UJS Conference

UJS Conference
The UJS Conference is your opportunity to decide UJS policy for the coming year and to ensure that your union is best representing your views and interests as Jewish students in the UK.

What is UJS Conference?

UJS Conference is the opportunity for Jewish students to have their say in how their union is run. On the day there will be speakers, motions and policy debates surrounding the motions that are submitted by you, Jewish Students, in the coming weeks.

When is UJS Conference?

Conference this year will be taking place on 16th December 2012 in Camden in London.

How will Conference work?

During the conference itself there will be debates and sessions for students to discuss the motions before they are put to the conference floor to be voted on.

How can I submit my ideas?

In order to submit a new motion or idea, students will be encouraged to submit motions and ideas via the UJS website by clicking here

How do I become a UJS delegate?

In order to be a voting member at conference you will have to run as a UJS delegate representing your J-Soc.

Every J-Soc in the country will be allocated two delegates to represent their J-Soc at Conference.

These two delegates will be students who are current members of their J-Soc committee on 16th December 2012.

In addition to this, each J-Soc will be allocated extra delegate positions based on the size of that J-Soc constituency.

Large J-Socs will receive 3 extra delegates

Medium-sized J-Socs will receive 2 extra delegates

Small J-Socs will receive 1 extra delegate.

Each J-Socs UJS staff member will be happy to answer questions on how many extra delegates your J-Soc has been allocated.

In order to secure a delegate position if you are not on a J-Soc committee, you will have to be elected as a UJS delegate at the J-Soc elections. The same proceedings used to run as a J-Soc committee member will be replicated in running as a UJS delegate.

If you have any queries about running as a UJS delegate or about the conference please e-mail campaigns@ujs.org.uk

Want to find out how it went? Check out the conference report here

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