UJS Presidential Election 2012

Running to be UJS President is your opportunity to shape the future of UJS, meet a wide range of Jewish students from around the country, run a team of staff, manage budgets and have the opportunity to run your own national campaign.

What is the role of UJS President?

As UJS President you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of thousands of Jewish students across the UK. In this full-time paid sabbatical role, you will be responsible for managing the UJS team, representing Jewish students to the Jewish community and beyond, managing the UJS Programmes budget and team in their implementation of the year plan. All of which are fantastic additions to an individual's portfolio of skills.

Moreover, you will work directly with J-Socs across the country in helping them form new ideas about how to engage and provide for Jewish students as well as working with Jewish students on the ground to help them implement their own initiatives on local and national levels.

How do I get nominated?

In order to stand as a UJS Presidential candidate you will need to complete the form (downloadable from this page). You will need to secure 10 nominations from individuals across 5 different UJS J-Socs and submit this application form to UJS by e-mailing it to amandas@ujs.org.uk by Midday on Wednesday 14th November 2012.

What is the campaigning process and election like?

Campaigning officially opens on Monday 19th November at which point you are allowed to publicly launch your campaign to become the next UJS President.

You will be allocated a budget which can be put towards anything from costs incurred by travelling to other campuses, gimmicks or literature promoting your candidacy.

In addition to the launch of the campaign, all candidates will be asked to submit a campaign video by 10am on Friday 16th November to go on the UJS website which will help inform voters about your campaign.

Once your nomination has been submitted and received, all candidates will be invited to attend a meeting to find out more about campaigning rules, budgets and an update on UJS. This will be on the morning on Sunday the 18th November and in the afternoon  you will be cross-examined on your manifesto by a top QC which will be filmed and aired to voters during the campaigning process to help inform their decision about who they wish to elect as their next UJS President.

All voting this year will be online through the UJS website.

Voting will open on Monday 26th November and closes on Friday 7th December.

The result will then be announced at UJS Conference on Sunday 16th December.

The Winner of the 2012 election was Joe Tarsh who will commence his role in the summer 2013.

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