Ensuring a balanced debate on Israel and the Middle East

UJS is an organisation that believes in a two-state solution.

Our role is twofold:

1) We want to ensure that Israel and the Middle-East can be freely spoken about and debated in an appropriate setting.

2) We want to also ensure that Jewish students feel uninhibited and un-intimidated with regard to Israel and being Jewish on campus.

Zionism and Israel are core aspects of many Jewish students' identities and UJS therefore proudly seek to reflect this in what we do.

UJS encourages an educated and active student body when it comes to discussing Israel, Palestine and a two state solution.

We seek to ensure that these conversations are fair, balanced, and constructive. As part of our commitment to ensuring that conversations around the Middle East are as informed as possible, we are happy to direct students towards resources on Israel, either political or non-political. Please contact our campaigns director by e-mailing: judithf@ujs.org.uk

If you have an idea for a campaign relating to Israel that you think UJS should be running, please submit this to us in our: submit a campaign section.

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