Save the date and Save a life: Take Part in the UJS Blood Drive

The UJS Blood Drive is a new initiative set up in the memory of Carol Kay, the mother of two current Jewish students who sadly passed away at the end of December 2011, aged 54, after a long and brave battle with cancer. As a result of the availability of blood and blood products to treat two massive haemorrhages, Carol and her family were blessed with an unexpected and precious extra fortnight.
Save the date and Save a life: Take Part in the UJS Blood Drive

The aim of the initiative depends on the particular JSoc involved.

There are two options to be considered:

1. A JSoc can choose a convenient, pre-existing blood donation session and encourage many students, both Jewish and non-Jewish, to attend it.

2. A JSoc would work directly with its student union in order to establish a regular, three-times-a-year (if possible) blood donation session on campus, targeted at the entire student population and supported by the UJS.

 We are looking for a representative from each JSoc, not necessarily a committee member, who will be willing to help us expand the Blood Drive to its full potential.

You'll be given full support from those in charge of the initiative, but from your position on the ground, you'll have a better idea of who to approach at your university and who to target with publicity, and will be best able to judge which of the two options is more practical for your JSoc and university.

If you and your JSoc are interested in making a huge difference, promoting the Jewish value of being 'a light unto the nations' on campus and saving people's lives, please contact Abigail Kay. You can message her on Facebook (her primary network is 'Heythrop College', if you're unsure of the right one) or drop her an e-mail at and visit the facebook group

Once the blood drive gets started properly, all donation sessions will be advertised as events through the group.
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