UJS and LSE J-Soc speak out against antisemitism on LSE Ski Trip

LSE Students' Union Jewish Society (J-Soc) and the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) are appalled by a reported antisemitic assault that occurred after a Jewish student objected to a Nazi-themed drinking game, that was being played by his fellow students on a recent LSE Ski Trip in France. Nazi glorification and anti-semitism have no place in our universities, which should remain safe spaces for all students.

On one of the evenings of the trip, which took place between 9th and 17th December 2011, students played a game which featured cards arranged in the shape of a Swastika and required players to 'Salute the Fuhrer'. A Jewish student who challenged those playing the game was subject to antisemitic bullying and a physical assault, resulting in his nose being broken.

"There is simply no context for what has happened here. For those who believe the game was all in good humour, need to realize that when a Jewish student is subject to violence and the Nazi ideology glorified, it is no joke, but a spiteful, collective attack on a community." said Jay Stoll, J-Soc President. "This incident highlights the worrying trends of contemporary anti-Semitism, but beyond all else indicates a depressing lack of education from students of an esteemed institution"

The J-Soc and UJS are working with LSE and the Students' Union to ensure there is a full investigation into these events, and those responsible are held to account. We are calling upon the Students' Union and University to review their procedures to ensure a zero-tolerance policy towards racism in all areas of university life.

Dan Sheldon, UJS Campaigns Director said: "Our universities are not hotbeds of antisemitism, but more must be done to ensure that Jewish students can continue to enjoy a normal campus life free from hateful incidents such as these."

This incident follows the recent UJS survey, conducted by IPSOS Mori and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, which highlighted that 20% of Jewish students had experienced and a further 32% had witnessed antisemitism in the last academic year.

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